K.A. Perkins is my ambitious, funny, and often zany journey as a professional Husband-Father-Author-Educator-Creative- and CEO of G & P Unlimited Co. I guarantee that you will have some fun as I share valuable information, tips, and hard-earned lessons as I live my life, work, and grow my company. I promise that you will be inspire though my inspirational and thoughtful blogs, books, creations and products.  If you’re looking to improve yourself—and you want to have fun doing it—you’ve come to the right place!

Class and consciousness


Become your personal influencer and transform your life

Do you have the knack for recognizing the problems you can change and the problems that you cannot change?

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Growth Moments

When muscles undergo intense exercise like lifting weight, it causes growth. It is the resistance to load or the trauma to the tissue that causes the muscle fibers to grow. Every push or pull by yo...

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I have dropped 2 YouTube Videos on our Official GPUNLTD YouTube Channel!!!

Heyyyyyy Sweeties!!! x.iame.x here, and I have had such an emotional roller-coaster lately, with the global pandemic and quarantine, to the ending of my Sophomore Year of high school! I took this t...

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