About Me

Welcome! I am K.A. Perkins, a writer, speaker, educator, and creative on a mission to improve the lives of others while looking great and being unapologetically myself! I’m the founder of G & P Unlimited Co. (GPUNLTD), an urban streetwear and lifestyle company whose goal is to empower people through fashionable style, news, information, events, and media.  

K.A. Perkins is my personal, signature G &P Unlimited brand that was born from a promise I made to myself long ago. I promised myself that I’d share whatever hard-earned lessons I learned along my life journey with others. After experiencing disappointments, hardships, and tremendous success, I’ve reached a point in my life where I have an unending flow of valuable information, tips, and lessons at my fingertips, and I want to share those pieces of me with the world. I created this space to inspire others through motivational blogs, wisdom from books, and products designed to enhance your hustle and bring balance to your life.

I’m a father and husband who loves and is loved by his family. While K.A. Perkins has something for everyone, I have a special interest in influencing a generation of males to become true gentlemen—something that I feel is a missing art and skill. While having style and swagger can play a big role in one’s confidence and success, what truly matters is how a man behaves and how he treats other people. As someone with a daughter, I also want to provide an example to the women in my life of how a real man is supposed to be. 

At its core, the K.A. Perkins brand encourages people to embrace who they are and strive to become better creatives, innovators, professionals, spouses, parents, and all-around people. If you’re looking to improve yourself—and look good while doing it—you’ve come to the right place!